Termite Origin & History

Termites occur throughout the world from approximately 40 degree north to 40 degree south and two species occur in Europe as far north as paris. They are the most destructive of the timber pests and are highly Organised social insects. There are two main types , the Dry wood Termites and the Subterranean Termites making a total of about 2,000 species
Termites are also knows as "White Ants", but are neither white , nor are the ants, there are far more ancient that the ants and mostly brown in colour with paler patches although the workers resemble large ants in general appearance and their community habits.
Life Cycle:
Termites hatch from whitish eggs and have no distinct larval stage, but the immature termites resemble the adult workers.
There is a complex caste system, at the center of which is the queen which may lay several eggs a minute for 25 years and have an abdomen 10 cm (4 in) long. Some queen termites live for 50 years.
At certain times of the year, usually in warm humid weather, the winged reproductive termites are produced and swarm into the air, usually at dusk.
In the Drywood species, the fertilized queen will seek egg laying sites in old timber or a wooden building. The Subterranean queen will seek a crack in the earth in which to start a new colony.
The termites will develop into worker with various tasks to perform, or soldiers to defend the nest from predators, or "nursemaids" to tend the young and the queen.
The Drywood termites live on wood and digest cellulose directly. The Subterranean species gather cellulose material and use it to grow "fungus gardens" on which they feed.
Anti Termite Treatment:
1. Post-Construction Treatment:
Termites poses the greatest threat to timber , building and all structure though out the worlds. Thery bore galleries in wood and forage for food. breaking Contact between the soil and wooden structure building is the primary method of combating termite.
2. Pre-Construction Treatment:
Termite treatment slab injection as f corrective treatment , termite. The silent enemy enters the building. Structures from below the ground level performing the foundation and finding its way to the upper levels by moving though wall cavities, joints and floors. It moves though inter spaces of brick and stone work in composite and masonry foundation, penetrate concrete slab in grade construction and RCC columns and beams.

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